Al-Dora General Trading Company for Foodstuffs was established

It was established in 2006, and it is a small company with limited activity under the name of Al-Dora Dry Sweets Mill. In the year 2018, our ambitions escalated based on our success in achieving our goals and our pursuit of more in establishing Al-Dora General Trading Company for Foodstuffs, which has currently been established in the food and event supplies sector in Kuwait and the Gulf We aim to become a dynamic leading company in this field in the Middle East countries

Message from the founder

Al-Dora General Trading Company for Foodstuffs has always looked beyond itself from the beginning. Its goals included expansion and development in the field of foodstuffs of all kinds, especially in the field of sweets, chocolate, and events. Its growth and progress has been based on solid foundations of high quality and professionalism with international standards for its valued customers

Being a general food trading company

Headquartered in Kuwait, the company has a good reputation for providing high quality products and services throughout Kuwait and the Gulf.

Since the company was officially established in 2018, the company has expanded by opening

The main branch in Hawalli area

The second branch is in the Qurain Markets area

The third branch is a product processing plant in the Al-Qurain Markets area

Establishing Aldora Chocolate and Flowers Company in the State of Qatar

Core values

Al-Dora General Trading Company for Foodstuffs is one of the core values ​​that define our work ethics and guide our workforce in today’s rapidly changing and challenging world.

Safety, integrity, excellence and quality are included in a philosophy called vision, trust and reliability. The company is managed by professionals with experience, competence and commitment. The number of officially registered employees for the year 2020 is estimated at 27 employees in various specializations, in addition to the number of 5 employees on probation, with a focus on transparency and responsible corporate governance that has made it One of the most respected companies in Kuwait